Rapha Rainproof Essentials Case – Large

by admin

I was pleasantly surprised to see that for this fall and winter season, Rapha added a phone case that accommodates larger phones! I’ve been using a plastic case before, which is a slight upgrade from using a zip loc bag like most people do, but I was constantly in search of a case that can fit my phone. As a result, I bought the Rapha rainproof essentials case on the spot when it fit my iPhone XS Max. It’s currently going for $35 in store and online.

Outside the case

The outer part of the case is made out of nylon and has a slightly textured look if you look close enough, but it’s soft to touch on the hand. It doesn’t crinkle when you rub it, which is a huge plus since shells like gortex or patagonia’s h20 shells have a tendency to make a lot of noise. I do wish it had slightly more grip since it might add a level of safety when keeping it in the jersey, but I haven’t really had a problem with it trying to slip out since it’s thick enough that it’s securely held between your back and the elastic strength of the jersey.

The zipper fully seals the top to prevent water from entering, and it opens wider than the full length of the case so you can easily take your phone in and out without scratching any part of your phone. The ring for opening the zipper is very easy to grab and operate, and there’s a subtle Rapha logo in the corner of the case. Overall, the case looks very stylish.

Inside the case

There are 3 compartments inside the case. One is an open-ended divider, the middle is just the main body of the case, and the other side is a zipped pocket. The zipper area is for putting in small items like keys, allen wrenches, etc. When I put the phone in the case, there’s very little clearance height wise, which is perfect since you don’t want there to be extra space anyways.

You can see in the picture above that the phone fits absolutely perfectly. It’s pretty slim, so even with my slim phone case, there’s barely enough room to fit my keys and slim wallet.

Unless you can leave your keys flat, I personally find it way more comfortable to just leave my phone and wallet in the case and my keys go in the zip pocket of my jersey, since it’s ok if keys take a bit of water.


I’m very happy with the Rapha rainproof essentials case for my iPhone XS Max, and I’m glad I can stop looking for a case now. In addition to providing excellent water protection for my phone, it also provides protection against sweat. I always felt a bit uncomfortable letting the sweaty part of my jersey touch the phone, so I always bring this case with me when I ride outdoors. For $35, I don’t think it’s grossly overpriced since a basic plastic case costs about $10 and requires more work to take it in and out of the case. In addition, this protects my wallet as well, so it was a no-brainer.