Outlier Slim Dungarees – Long Term Review

by admin

The slim dungarees were my first pair of pants that acted as a gateway drug into technical streetwear. It’s been a crazy 4 year, overhauling my entire wardrobe from preppy OCDBs, CDBs, and raw denim to technical streetwear. I’ve been wearing slim dungarees for the past 4 years and currently own 4 pairs of them (Darkindigo, Olive, Black, and Charcoal), so I thought I’d share some long-term ownership of the outlier slim dungarees.



I bought these pants over other brands because they look like normal pants. If you look at a lot of other brands that I love such as Mission Workshop, it’s very obvious that they are different from your standard pants. The outlier slim dungarees are low cut and look like standard jeans, but the fabric results in a look that is in between casual jeans and chinos. About half of the people inquiring about my pants thought they were chinos. The pants work excellently as casual wear or dressed up with a button + sweater as well.

One downside is that while they look like normal pants, they don’t have that special styling of raw denim. For example, I always roll the cuffs on my slim dungarees, and I get jealous when I see beautiful raw denim stitching in the wild.


Fit (review + how to check slim dungaree fit)

One thing I think is very important to bring up is the sizing inconsistency. To give you an example, these are my pants sizes:

  • Black – 31
  • Olive – 32
  • Charcoal – 32
  • Darkindigo – 31

Even within the SAME number, there are HUGE differences. The Black 31s are smallest, Charcoal 32s are slightly larger, Olive 32s are slightly larger, and Darkindigo is significantly larger (if I can fit in Black 31s, I have to put the Darkindigo 31s away since they’re too large). If Outlier didn’t have a convenient return policy, I’d be seriously annoyed by them.

The length is also really long, so you probably want to get them hemmed if you don’t want to cuff them. Even if you cuff them, I wouldn’t recommend doing it more than x2-3 times since it looks bulky at the bottom.

The pants fit like sim jeans at most companies like APCs. Here’s a picture. They’re tight, but they don’t look like skater tight pants. For reference, I’m 6’0″ with 31 waist, ~170lbs with an athletic build. Above is dressed up with the Outlier S120 and CDBs, and below is dressed down with just a shirt and a pair of converse. I’m wearing the Charcoal 32s.

The pants do stretch out a bit, so when you first get the pants, they should fit perfectly, and it’ll loosen up a bit within 1-2 days. It’s hard to give perspective on how to do this, so my recommendation is to wear the pants for a day, and if they’re uncomfortable at the end of the day, the pants are too small for you. I order 2-3 sizes, wear the one that fits well for a couple of hours, and keep the one that fits the best. This has been my strategy on checking slim dungaree fit.



I LOVE this fabric, and these pants have been life-changing. The pants are brushed on the inside, so they’re very soft and comfortable. The fabric is pretty stretchy (not jegging stretchy, but comfortable enough to hop stairs easily). I wouldn’t rock climb in them, but I would do light bouldering on trails with them. You can see the benefits of the fabric under “what I love” 2 paragraphs below.



I wear the slim dungarees from 20 degrees to 100 degrees (thank you NYC weather). At 85+, it does feel a little stuffy, but not uncomfortable enough to switch pants. If your pants are insanely tight, you probably don’t want to wear them above 85. For winter, It starts feeling a bit cold from 20-30 degrees if I’m standing still. If I’m on the move, I haven’t really had issues at 30 degrees, which is pretty common here. I should note that I don’t get cold easily (I start needing a jacket around 60 degrees – otherwise, it’s tshirt weather!)


What I love

  • These pants are significantly more breathable than any jeans I’ve worn, and significantly more comfortable than raw denims
  • They’re stretchy enough that my previous complaints with jeans are all gone. I never feel restrained when I sit with my knees bent, hopping up 2-4 stairs at a time, doing light bouldering felt completely fine, and I’ve even deadlifted 315 lbs+ while wearing them.
  • They’re also very breathable, so I never feel sweaty outside the temperature ranges above, whereas I had issues with jeans getting sweaty in the past
  • They dry very quickly. Even if I get caught in a thunderstorm, I’m usually dry within 20-30 minutes
  • They also don’t ever bleed like raw denim or jeans


Slim dungarees long-term ownership

The DWR wears off pretty quickly (around 6 months, even with the dryer trick). If you think these are going to stay water resistant, forget about it. I tried tumble drying them, and I even bought a spray to recoat it; however, it doesn’t improve it by a lot. This hasn’t been a huge issue for me since the pants dry quickly, so I sort of gave up.

The inside of the pants are smooth as mentioned above, so they will fray if you cuff them as shown here.

Other than that, there are minor stitching falling apart in places, but nothing major that will compromise the structure of the pants.


Other than that, they’ve held up really well, and I have no doubt I can easily get another 4 years from these pants!


Compared to other Outlier pants

I haven’t had the need to try other pants, but I’ve tried a couple different ones. The strong dungarees just felt very heavy and restrictive. If I wanted heavier pants, I’d just buy raw denim since they look great. My friends who need to wear business casual love the chinos, but I haven’t tried them. The only other pair of pants I have from outlier is the track pants.



I really hope Outlier continues to produce these amazing pants because there isn’t anything else out there in the market that I like. The slim dungarees have held up fantastically over the years, and I have no doubt that they’ll be my daily wear for years to come. I hope they continue to keep the cost down and produce more colors (Maroon would make it very hard for me to not add another pair…). For those of you contemplating the purchase decision, just do it! Your wallet will hurt, but your legs will thank you. Thanks to Outlier, I won the superlative “most likely to research pants before purchasing” last year for the office yearbook. I hope you enjoyed my outlier slim dungaree – long term ownership review!