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You can explore both my custom curated or recommended playlists here! All of the playlists are on Spotify, and you can either click the link to open in browser or app or copy the URI code into your Spotify search bar.

I recommend people to use these playlists for ideas for your playlist and really personalizing them after you copy it over since I’m constantly changing songs in these playlists.

If there’s a┬ánumber next to the playlist name, it’s my additional playlists in the genre. The way I run playlists is: focus playlist (my recommended playlists), focus 2 (serves as candidates for main playlists). People like to browse my alternative playlist for non mainstream stuff sometimes, so I’ve included them here.


Table of Content (Genres)



  • Kevin – Ahh (K)
    • Genre: Chill electronic
    • Overview: Slower beats, little or no drops, lighter instrumentation than typical electronic music
    • Example Artists: Oh wonder
    • Purpose: Low energy vibes for morning or night
  • Kevin – Focus (K)
    • Genre: Deep House
    • Overview: Typical deep house beats with little drops
    • Example artists: Gvonni
    • Purpose: Ambient music
    • Focus 2
  • Kevin – Chill (K)
    • Genre: Electropop
    • Overview: Slower beats, groovy, moderate energy, mild drops at most, decent amount of vocals.
    • Example Artists: Flume
    • Purpose: For chilling and good vibes
    • Chill 2
  • Kevin – Mmmm (K)
    • Genre: Trance
    • Overview: Moderate to high energy. Lots of essential trance with an emphasis on “space-y” trance songs.
    • Example Artists: Above & Beyond, Andrew Rayel, Armin, Old Tiesto
    • Purpose: Trance party!
    • Mmmm 2
  • Kevin – Whee (K)
    • Genre: Electrohouse, Big House
    • Overview: Moderate to high energy with lots of drops. This is your mainstream rave playlist.
    • Example Artists: Galantis, Alesso, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Martin Garrix
    • Purpose: House party!
    • Whee 2
  • Kevin – Ruh Row (K)
    • Genre: Electrohouse, Big House, Dubstep
    • Overview: High energy and faster beats than the┬átypical house music with some dubstep mixed into it.
    • Example: Hardwell, Skrillex, Maddix, Bassjacker
    • Purpose: Pre-gaming or music to jump up and down to.
  • Kevin – Whoops (Work in Progress) (K)
    • Genre: Dubstep, Trap
    • Overview: When you’re really tripping or had too many drinks
    • Example: NGHTMRE, Jayceeoh


  • Kevin – Slow (K)
    • Overview: Slow tempo, jazz for rainy day in while drinking coffee type of jazz
    • Example: In a sentimental mood, goodbye pork pie hat
  • Kevin – Chill (K)
    • Overview: Lots of jazz essentials fall here. Good vibes Jazz fall under here.
    • Example: Take the A train, Spain, Night in Tunisia
  • Kevin – Upbeat (Work in Progress) (K)
    • Overview: High tempo jazz with lots of big band stuff
    • Example: In the mood, Moanin’, Birdland
  • Kevin – Electroswing (K)
    • Overview: Electroswing! Jazz + electronic = awesomeness
    • Example: Caravan Palace



  • Work in progress!

Wind Ensemble


  • Work in Progress!



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