Jaybird X3 – Sound Quality Review

by admin
The Jaybird X3s are not the best sounding headphones on the market since their competitive advantage is around being wireless for exercising; however, with a few tweaks, the Jaybird X3 sound can be turned into something acceptable. This review will focus on just the sound quality from an audiophile’s perspective since many people have reviewed other features. For those that don’t want to read a whole bunch, here’s my EQ on the Jaybird X3 app that I use to achieve a slightly more balanced sound that’s a tad heavier on the bass. Out of the box, the Jaybird X3 sound quality is tuned oddly.
Jaybird X3 app notes
The equalizer movement is not the most intuitive, so you’ll have to play around with; however, you only have to really do this once, so I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world.



I’m a huge advocate for comply tips, so I’m using the comply active tips with my Jaybirds. The default sound is not great on the Jaybirds. If you’re happy with them, you should stop reading and use the flat configuration; however, the bass was significantly bloated, which really muddied up the sound, making an already narrow soundstage even more narrow. They might have done this to appeal to people coming from non-audiophile headphones such as beats.

The rest of the review on Jaybird X3 sound quality will be based on the equalizer setting after I tuned them based on the above settings.

If you’re looking for headphones to workout in, these actually sound adequate enough that you can still enjoy musical lines while running here and there, but if you were looking for headphones to commute in, I’d recommend spending your money on a different set of earbuds since my $40 dollar brainwavz M1s sound better. After tuning, you get a reasonably balanced set of earbuds that can present enough details for you focus on, but what you’ll notice is that these headphones don’t particular perform outstanding in any of the ranges, and it also lacks a large soundstage. Highs feel a bit slow, soundstage has no depth or width to it, and the sound can be a bit smoother overall. You’re really paying for $30-35 dollar headphone sound quality in the package with a ton of extra features, which isn’t a bad thing. I bought them primarily for running, and they’re comfortable, works flawlessly, and still sound good enough that I’m not annoyed by them during my runs.


Music section
Giorgio by Moroder – Daft Punk
  • 00:00 – 00:36 – Surprising amount of details, and his voice is center of attention indicating some mid-forwardness, but details can be heard in the background chatter. Bass is subtle and guitar pops can be heard too.
  • 00:36 – 1:08 – Soundstage is a bit narrow, but you can still hear the separation. Bass is nice and reasonably tight, and treble is decent too. His voice is the center, so if you want more V shape, you can bump down the mids.
  • 6:58 – 7:30 – Plenty of bass extension, treble feels a little bit slow here and not as crisp, but it’s still adequate.
Tom Sawyer – Rush
  • 00:00 – 00:50 Very similar to above. Lack of soundstage is apparent, and not a ton of depth in the sound, but separation is present, and balance is reasonable.
Come Away with Me – Norah Jones
  • 00:00 -1:00 All instrumental parts can be heard pretty well without being overwhelming, but her voice remains the focus. Her voice actually sounds pretty decent from these headphones. It is a bit flat, but still not terrible.
Four seasons L’estate III Presto – Vivaldi (Pavel)
  • 00:00 – 00:44 Violin attacks are nice and sharp, but soundstage feels a bit narrow but still enough to hear separation between different violin parts.
  • 00:45 -1:04 Pavel’s aggressiveness isn’t as prominent, but it does come through.
  • 1:05 – 1:20 – Every part can be heard clearly, but the lack of depth is noticeable.
Count Bubba – Gordon Goodwin
  • 00:00 – 00:41 Separation is present as other notes above, but all the ranges just sound “ok” with nothing performing particularly well.
  • 1:10 – 1:39 It’s relatively clean compared to most consumer headphones, and it sounds reasonably balanced.

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