Jaybird X3 customer service and warranty review

by admin

One of the factors I take into consideration when purchasing a product how good the customer support and warranty policy is, and I had some mixed reviews from people online when it came to jaybird customer service. Unfortunately, I had to test out my jaybird x3 warranty when my 2-month-old earbuds just died and wouldn’t turn on.

I’m not exactly sure what the root cause of the problem was since all I did was use them while running and at the gym, but I read through all the jaybird support docs and couldn’t find any solution for it. As a result, I figured it was a hardware issue.

You can reach jaybird customer service by going to their support site, and you have 3 options of contacting them.

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat

I HIGHLY recommend using either phone or chat because they’re notoriously slow to respond on email. Again, DO NOT USE EMAIL unless you want to wait weeks or months before getting your warranty. I reached out to Jaybird customer service via email with my inquiry, and it took them 4 days to respond with a generic autoresponder email saying “have you tried x, y, and z”. Needless to say, it was an incredibly frustrating experience. I ended up contacting them via chat, and I was connected to an agent within 2 minutes, and they were actually really helpful. For a live chat, I was impressed by the specialist quality.

During this chat, the agent determined that it was probably a hardware failure and that I was eligible for the jaybird x3 warranty. The agent actually stayed on the line with me the whole time while he or she was sending me emails of things to fill out and didn’t hang up until the entire process was completed, which I really appreciated. The only thing you need to complete this process is your earbuds and something to cut the earbuds with along with a piece of paper and pen.

When using your Jaybird X3 warranty, they’ll ask you to cut the earbuds and write your support number. I sent this in, and it was acceptable.

I’d recommend doing all of the steps while the person is on chat since you don’t want to wait multiple days for the warranty to go through. After they accepted the warranty, I got a notice saying that the warrantied product has been fulfilled, and it took 4 days from that email to receive shipping confirmation.

For me, it took 3 days for the replacement to arrive via UPS from TN to NYC after getting the shipping confirmation, and the replacement product has been working fine since! Overall, I’d rate Jaybird customer service and warranty experience an 8/10 if you use chat. From chat to receiving the product, it took about 8 days, which isn’t too bad since you won’t use this often. I do appreciate that they send you emails for every step of the process, but each step took a while, so they can improve on it there. All in all, it was a decent experience, and I’ll happily continue to purchase Jaybird products!

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