iPhone XS Max – Product RED Silicone Case Review

by admin

This is a super quick review of the product RED case that I bought for the iPhone XS Max. I got sick of taking a gamble on some of the cases on Amazon, especially since there aren’t that many cases out there in the first place. The iPhone XS Max case is actually a really solid case, and it looks beautiful in person. Here’s another picture of it from the front.

  • It’s a light and bright red as opposed to a darker red, and one could argue that the product red case has a salmon or orange hue to it. It looks really great in person.
  • Pop sockets stay on and stick well to the silicone case
  • People complained that it’s tough to take the silicone iphone¬†case in and out of their pockets, but I haven’t had any problems. This was my biggest concern, but it wasn’t a problem when I went in the store and tested the case out
  • It doesn’t attract lint like people say. I took the picture after almost 2 weeks of use, and I didn’t wipe off lint or anything. I didn’t even clean it after.
  • The texture is much better for holding the phone. Even if I didn’t have the pop socket, I’d be happy with the amount of grip it provides. The silicone case is not slippery at all.
  • It’s obviously a thin case meant to protect it from light drops or scrapes.
  • Cutouts are perfect as expected.
  • No, fingerprints don’t really stick to the case or feel gross, but it could be that I’m washing my hands constantly.
  • The back of the case is a soft texture that won’t scratch the back of the phone, which I think is a neat touch.
  • The Apple logo and authentic case show that I’m apparently a loyal Apple fanboy now.


I hope you liked my super quick¬†iphone xs max product red case review! All I can say is that I’m extremely happy with the product and didn’t end up spending money on 3rd party cases. This is my first time ever buying an Apple case after using 3rd party cases for all my phones, kindles, and tablets, and I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off buying the iphone xs max product red case unlike screen protectors, which you should always buy 3rd party.

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