DIY Speaker Recommendation

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These are some of my recommendations based on personal experience for the most part. There are tons of other kits out there, and I highly encouraging looking at all of them before making a decision.

Favorite designers

Websites to buy DIY kits

Budget Level (< $250)

Overnight sensation (Music)

Overnight sensations are my most recommended entry level speakers. The adequate low extension to be a standalone paired with a fatigue-free detailed sound signature makes for an excellent set of starter speakers. Extra points for being compact since it’s a huge point for most people.

Hitmaker (Mixing / Music)

If you do a lot of mixing or audio editing, these might fit the bill for entry level studio monitor with a traditional slightly u shaped sound signature to bring out all of the details.

TriTrix (Home Theater) (MTM TLs, MTMs)

The TriTrix speakers are a very affordable set of mid forward speakers. While they’re a tad bit too midforward and lack the soundstage to make for a good set of music speakers, they’re an excellent option if you’re looking for a home theater build since soundstage isn’t an issue in HT setups.

Audiophile Level ($250 – 500)

AviaTrix (Home Theater)

Basically the TriTrix with upgraded parts. If you can stretch the budget for a small to medium sized HT room, I’d get these since they might work for music better.

HTMs (Home Theater)

Need to fill a medium to large home theater? The HTMs are the way to go with 95db sensitivity and high power handling in a relatively affordable package.

Zaph 5.2s (Mixing / Music)

These clinically neutral speakers are my favorite pair of speakers and where I consider hifi sound to begin. The balanced sound might not be for everyone and they don’t have a ton of low extension (use a sub), but if I could only keep one pair of speakers, it’d be these.

Speedster (Music)

If you like the sound signature of overnight sensations, you’ll like these. It’s essentially the overnight sensations, except significantly upgraded to audiophile grade level. The ribbon tweeters are a treat, and the mid range is silky smooth.

Karma Indignias (Music)

These karma indignias are heavily colored, but not in a bad way. They bump the bass and recess the mids to create what the average person would perceive as audiophile sound, which is just a generally smooth presentation overall. They’ll be frustrating for people who want a balanced sound or listen to a lot of layered music, but they sound solid for vocal music or work really well as late night speakers since they’re not harsh at all.

Amiga (Music)

If you want towers that are hifi quality and bring out details, just build these. It’s an insane value in a small package, and you’ll be hard pressed to find commercial speakers that cost 2-3x+ these.

Summit Fi ($400+)


Take the Zaph speakers, which do everything at 85-90% and improve them to 95-100% and you get the SR71s. It has just the slightest warmer touch compared to the Zaph 5.2s, but it’s barely noticeable. These might be arguably the best speakers I’ve ever heard in my life.


Supposedly the best speakers you’ll probably hear in your life, but I have yet to try them; however, I have no doubt that Jeff Bagby’s claim is false, and I’d recommend these in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to build a pair one day.

Titans / 99s

If you want to build a ridiculous HT set up, these are the way to go. At this point, it’s not about value. You’re still getting value compared to commercial counter parts, but you’re doing this because you can and because they’re ridiculously awesome.


You can buy any flat pack from parts express or diysoundgroup. For most people and music set ups, I’d recommend installing the plate amps in the subwoofer and using a ported design to get maximum value. Woofer size – 8 or 10 inches for a small room, and 12-18 inches for a med-large room.


Blast box or the Executive

Both of these will provide significantly better sound than your Marshall speakers. They might not look aesthetically better, but you won’t care once you hear how good they sound.

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