Aiolog Sequential Shifter on Playseat Challenge Mounting Guide

by admin

This will be a short guide on how to mount your Aiolog sequential shifter on the foldable playseat challenge. Here’s an example of the shifter in action. It’s completely solid, and I’ve had absolutely no issues with screws becoming loose or anything after 2 hour sessions.


You only need 2 parts to make this work, and both of these parts can be ordered in the US on Amazon. I ordered some other parts from China and experimented with different mounts or positions, but this is the only one that worked well. Hopefully, my experimentation will save other people the trouble and headache of trying to mount this on the Playseat Challenge.

Part list


  1. Attach the tube mount to the Playseat Challenge, right below the steering wheel lock.
    1. Rubber piece can be tricky to hold in position, so go slowly. Those pieces are critical in both protecting the metal tube and getting the proper 1″ fit, so take your time. The two clamp pieces don’t have to touch and might not. As long as you tighten them well, it should hold.
  2. Attach the Aiolog bottom plate
  3. Mount the shifter onto the 8mm hole in the tube mount.
    1. You have to move the shifter as close to you as possible or else you won’t be able to get in and out of the rig
    2. You can choose which hole to mount it on (farthest to the left or 2nd farthest). It felt more naturally for me on the 2nd.
  4. Run the cable below the seat tube, and secure them using ties (zip, velcro, etc).
    1. If you run it through the wheel, you’re going to have issues getting in and out of the seat

Short Review

  • It’s very sturdy, and it’s going to hold up. You also have 3x spare parts, which is a nice plus
  • Yes, it does move the rig when you shift if you’re not in the seat, but it’s not an issue if you’re seated
  • You don’t have a lot of flexibility in where to mount it, so double check to make sure you are happy with where the shifter position will end up
  • It stores well when you fold up the rig. Here’s a picture


Overall, I love this mounting solution! It was quite a headache trying to figure out how to mount it, so I hope this helps someone with their purchase. It’s much more elegant, simple, and less expensive (relatively speaking) than other mounting options out there in my opinion.